It was just a dream...

Monica began the venture in 2008 by turning her unapologetic chocoholism into a career. It was then that Sweet Signatures began its eight year stretch of running entirely online, resulting in year-after-year of smashing success. While the business originally catered to corporations nationwide, Monica's entrepreneurial spirit had her thinking even bigger.  Online customers were always a name, email address or a voice over the phone, and having a passion to grow genuine relationships within business and desiring to be more personable with her customers, she wanted to build a place that could also bring the community together.  Don't be surprised if she asks you for your name so she can greet you on your next visit!

After years of dreaming of the perfect space to call "home", and with the support of her family (mother Sherri, father Fernando and aunt Meryl), it was time to build a manufacturing facility and chase her dreams on a grander scale!  After years of searching and planning, the Sweet Signatures family found the perfect combination of a residential and commercial area to start phase 2 of her vision. Monica expanded her passion for creating personalized experiences and gifts by settling into a permanent home in Sterling, Virginia.

To this day, Sweet Signatures is family-owned and operated, leaving a delicious mark in the experiences – and taste buds – of its customers every single day. Sweet Signatures is now nestled comfortably between routes 28, 7 and Sterling Boulevard, and serves as a welcoming respite for morning and evening commuters. Rear facing mile marker 22.5 on the W&OD Trail, Sweet Signatures also provides an ideal pit stop for outdoor enthusiasts. An ever growing menu selection of handmade chocolates, unique sweets, fresh pastries, healthy alternatives, gourmet foods, coffee/drinks/juices, and shakes aim to cater to the needs of a diverse local customer base, and the business remains all ears when it comes to community feedback and suggestions.

If you have any special requests or questions for the team, be sure to let us know! We love to hear from you and are always open for new ideas and feedback.  Call 703-376-3895 or email us at info@sweetsignatures.com.