3…2…1…and we’re live!

What causes gray hair, heart palpitations and loss of sleep?  A phone call from Great Day Washington saying they want to go live in less than 24 hours.  Fantastic news, right?!  That is until you look around and realize all staff has gone home for the day, there are orders to fill, and it would take a monumental effort to pull it all together.  So what do you do? Make.It.Happen!!

It was a fast paced, high energy, whirlwind of a morning!  Great Day Washington was about to be shooting at Sweet Signatures in a matter of moments! I couldn’t believe it…we were about to have OUR SHOP, the one that started as a small dream just eight years ago, ON TV. OMG!  

I was in by 5 am with staff soon to follow and then it hit me that this was really happening.  Ready or not we were going live at 9 am. I was making sure we had all the product displays ready, as well as product samples that I hoped Meaghan Mooney, the host of Great Day Washington, wanted to see.  Our staff was busy hustling; David was working on the website and social media, Betsy was helping clean and organize, Mom and Dad were making sure the storefront was ready for the madness that was about to commence, and my Aunt Meryl was greeting our customers that heard about our TV debut on social media. Even Nancy, who couldn’t be here that day, was there in spirit! Thank goodness for a dedicated team!  

Meaghan and Dave (the cameraman) arrived around 8:15 am, and it was full speed ahead.   We had less than 45 minutes to come up with a game plan, so I gave a quick tour and showed them what I had prepared.  Meaghan was so swift with her ideas and suggestions that it was all I could do to keep up!  What to do, where to stand, what to say, topics to mention, where to look, what might happen, “3…2…1…and we’re live!” Ummmmm...really? We’re doing this.

I was so focused on what needed to happen in each segment that, by the time I blinked, it was over.  Meaghan seemed to enjoy making and tasting the treats we featured on air, and we highlighted our events for this month by focusing on the Candy Bar Socials and the Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Parties. By the time Meaghan gave a social media shout out to Bobby Flay with his picture featured on a cookie, I felt like a natural on camera.

And then they were gone. And just like that, we were on live TV.  Phew!!  Cue the bartender!