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Like most of you, Sweet Signatures is tying up loose ends, reflecting on 2016, and eagerly looking forward to 2017. While it would be easy to write a blog reflecting the many incredible accomplishments that have transpired over the last year, it is harder to identify what truly got us to this point. Was our success just a fruit of harder work and greater dedication, was there a change in how we worked to reach different goals or was there a greater force that contributed to our success beyond our control?

The way we see it, all of those statements are true, but not solely due to our efforts. Our success, our accomplishments, and our growth as a company all comes from you! You have supported and motivated our team to better our efforts in serving you on a daily basis. You have provided valuable feedback about how we can improve our shared relationship, and we adjusted our marketing and communication to better fit the needs of our clientele. The loyalty of our "regulars" sharing in our journey and patrons sharing their special moments with us like birthday celebrations, business meetings and more, has not only made us feel welcomed into the community, but has been an unconditional support we could only have dreamed of when opening our doors. 

While it is easy for us to gush about our Yelp reviews, TV Spot, commercial, recognition and more, we would rather thank those who have contributed to our success and welcome you to continue sharing your thoughts and desires for Sweet Signatures in the year ahead. What were your greatest moments at Sweet Signatures? Did you or your child have an enjoyable experience with us?  Do you wish we carried a dessert or coffee that you have not seen? How did you enjoy the cookie decorating and custom candy bar making events?  Any other suggestions you'd like us to consider?  


Scroll below to see our year in review!!  Let's make 2017 a year of collaborative ideas, testimonies, and successes!


So, What would you like to see in 2017? 

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Sweet signatures' year in review

Thanks again for an incredible year! Cheers to 2017!