Get Your Bake On!

Throughout the daily hustle at Sweet Signatures, I hear great stories from customers about their baking experiences, most of which stem from when they were a child spending time in the kitchen.  We love to hear how you got started baking, who taught you, what you love to bake the most, or a baking tradition you have carried on in your family.  The list goes on and on.  It is a combination of all of these things that made us realize at Sweet Signatures that it’s time to invite everyone into our kitchen to make even more baking memories.


Kids in the kitchen? Absolutely!

Baking is many things to many people, and I have realized over the years it has taught me more than I had ever expected.  But what I’ve learned while baking with children in particular has been incredibly eye opening and rewarding.  For instance; Kids have limitless creativity when it comes to decorating cupcakes, cookies, and candy bars.  Children are not bound by ideas and concepts they have already seen and therefore forge their own decorating methods to create beautiful, delicious, and often times inspirational treats.  Are kids messy? You bet! But their endless energy turns the laborious task of cleaning up into yet another outlet of fun soap-bubble expression.  It’s such a joy to be able to share my love for baking with the passion kids have for learning.  They ask so many brilliant questions from “what does the baking powder do?” to “why do you have to measure so much?” and my personal favorite; “can I eat EVERYTHING I make or do I have to share?”  Their eyes light up when they see the delicious treats they will be making and the pride they have with their finished products is unparalleled.

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The benefits of working with kids in the kitchen are ten-fold. It’s never too early to begin baking. 

Preschoolers will tap into all of their senses while helping in the kitchen.  This age group relies on visual cues and can gather ingredients based on pictures.  It’s a great age to become more familiar with sequences and following steps in order.  They can work on their fine motor skills while assisting with measuring, spooning, scraping, mixing, and of course nibbling on a sample to see how their progress is tasting!  The pride these youngsters have over their finished product when they say, “I made it myself” is the biggest reward.

Grade school children can strengthen their problem-solving and math skills through the means of measuring cups, spoons, and scales.  They can apply division skills to divide their baked treats into equal portions (even if their portion ends up a tad bigger!)  This is also a fantastic age to learn more about science and chemistry.  They will learn the properties of well-mixed dry ingredients, the power of baking powder, and the way a wet batter, when heated, becomes a dry treat.  During the baking process, they can be taught the knowledge of kitchen safety and cleanliness which are qualities that last a lifetime.


Any age group-  Most people find baking to be relaxing.  Any activity which takes your whole attention – especially if it's simple and repetitive – can have a calming, meditative quality.  Decorating baked treats enables each baker to bring out his/her creative side.  It’s incredible to share in the joy when a student’s creative expression comes to life through that process.   Baking also relies on teamwork.  When in a group environment like one of our baking classes, students learn how to work together, share, communicate, bond with others, as well as meet new people with shared interests in a nurturing and positive environment.

We love hearing your baking stories.  Stop by anytime to share.  While you’re there, grab a cup of coffee, a tasty treat and sign yourself or your child up for one of our classes. 

We can’t wait to bake with you!


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